Table Mountain: Climb, Hike and Fly-over

Even with the low snow year it is difficult to find a good place to climb during mid-winter that is out of the snow.  I did some research and came up with Table Mountain near Jamestown, California, home of the Grotto, a wonderfully strange climbing spot that is very much like a grotto than a wall.  You are surrounded by three walls, one of which has  hexagon structure to it.  Belyn, our daughter, led a stunning climb up the hexagon wall.

That was on a Sunday, and coincidentally enough, I had a meeting scheduled in Santa Monica and that meant flying down the foothills and on down to the LA area.  I decided to do a flyover of Table Mountain and check it out from the air.  It was interesting to see the two vantage points – one from the hike across Table Mountain, and one from a few thousand feet above it.

By the way, you don’t have to be a climber to enjoy Table Mountain.  Apparently the wildflowers in the spring are beautiful, and views from top are wonderful.

Belyn Grotto2 (Large)
Belyn Leading
Hiking on top of Table Mountain
Hiking on top of Table Mountain
Flying over Table Mountain
Flying over Table Mountain




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