Thunderstorms and a Wild Dust Storm over Nevada

I flew a quick business trip to Idaho Falls, but I had to delay my return to California because of thunderstorms in Nevada and over the Sierra Nevada.  In fact, I received texts from a friend and from my wife saying, “Don’t fly! There are big thunderstorms here”.  So I sat in the FBO (private air terminal) in Idaho Falls working on email and waiting.  I figured I would wait and time my takeoff so I would arrive home just after sunset, when most of the sun’s energy is gone and all that remain of thunderstorms are usually just a big ball of mist.

In fact I got to pull out my big old survival knife to lend to someone that was trying to cut hard foam with a pen knife.  For the rest of the day I got some strange manly satisfaction because every time someone walked in they would exclaim, “Now THAT is a knife”, and this poor fellow would have to explain that he didn’t actually have a big, splendid knife like this, but that guy on the couch over there did.

That thunderstorm plan worked out pretty well, but I did have to dodge a few thunderstorms in Nevada.  One, over a dry lake bed, blew out a tongue of dust (microburst?) that was just plain surreal.  In the photo it looks like wind from right to left is picking up dust.  But this tongue was moving from left to right over the farmland, likely carrying fine dust from the dry lakebed marked on my charts, and directly under a big thunderstorm.  Anyway, that is what I think what was going on.  I guess I could have flow into it to see if my plane was blown to the left or the right, but of course I wasn’t going near that thing.

Dust Storm
Dust Storm
Remnants of sunlight and storms
Remnants of sunlight and storms

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorms and a Wild Dust Storm over Nevada

  1. Troy Lindstrom May, 2013 — 6:19 pm

    Just cant wait for everyone of your adventures. Being a SOCAL native, just about all of your adventures are things or places that our family has done, planned to do, or read about.
    Hearing you tell us about those same places is an adventure in itself for our family and gets us in the mood to plan our next trip in our Baron B55.
    Keep them coming!!

  2. I very much enjoyed your post Thunderstorms and a Wild Dust Storm over Nevada. Art of Adventure is based in Las Vegas so this made it even more interesting to me.
    Great photography.

    1. I just signed up for your Art of Adventure blog. It looks good and interesting!

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