One Rainy Day

Betsy gave me a GoPro for Christmas.  You may have already noticed.  She asked me to maybe use it for a little while before trying to attach it to the plane and losing it.

I did use it for non-aviation purposes and stuck it on a ski pole:

Camera bracket
Camera bracket

Having successfully used it without losing it I thought it was time to try something creative on the plane.   However I really didn’t want to risk losing the camera and my wife’s goodwill  so I used aluminum bar stock to construct a bracket on the tail of the airplane. Then  I used the sticky mount that GoPro gives you but I also put two screws through it into the bracket.

Then, while in Arcata, in the rain, I went out to check on my plane.  It was wet.  Inside.  Apparently I need to put silicon in a few places.  I also decided to take it out and test the new camera / mount combination.  I like it.  The best part is that the camera was still there when I landed!

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