Tuolumne Rafting/Kayaking River Trip with the Entire Family

Families with older kids know how hard it can be to get everyone together.   This summer my daughter is again a raft guide for ARTA and my son is getting ready for his first year at college.   Betsy figured out a great way to get everyone together – we’ll pay for an ARTA river trip with my daughter as guide.  As a bonus our good friend Mikey from our recent Grand Canyon trip was also a guide.

It was a three day Tuolomne trip with side hikes up Clavey River and the North Fork.  I flew into Pine Mountain Lake airport in Groveland and Belyn picked us up there.  Belyn, Mikey and Ethan were our guides and we also had a nice couple,  Betty and Bob, with us.  There is a funny story about Betty and Bob on the trip, but maybe it shouldn’t be told here.

It was a great trip of white water, wilderness, family, friends, and a successful “butt damn” on the North Fork where four us sat in a chute to block the flow enough to raise a swimming hole by about a foot.

ARTA’s Tuolomne guide-house is in Groveland, so I am quite sure they would pick up any pilots landing at Pine Mountain Lake and wanting to do the trip – and the “T” is a great Class IV California river to do.

Although barely, the kayak did indeed fit in the plane, along with three people. (Now I have to try two kayaks and two people)
Belyn on a bouldering problem up the Clavey River
Ethan running Clavey Falls
This tree was on a ridge above the Clavey River, under a fantastic late afternoon sky.
My calm daughter at work.
My less than calm son diving off really high places (look carefully for him)
Grabbing some quality time with my daughter, any way I can get it

2 thoughts on “Tuolumne Rafting/Kayaking River Trip with the Entire Family

  1. Hard to believe you fit that kayak in there. No such luck in my 182! I just got a Jackson Zen.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      That is a Jackson Zen going into the plane. Nice Kayak, eh? Even thought it seemed to barely fit I actually got two in there as a test. The goal is to fly to Idaho and land on the Payette, figure out a shuttle and do two runs near there. We’ll see if that ever happens.


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