Climb / Ski Mt. Shasta

We decided to drive to Mt. Shasta because we live close enough it wasn’t worth the expense of renting a car, but you can fly into Weed which is very close to the town of Mount Shasta City where you get your permits, rent gear if needed (Four Seasons), etc.  There is actually a closer airport at Dunsmuir, but they don’t  have rental cars.  Unlike Whitney, which has shuttle services available for climbers, I didn’t find any in Shasta, so you might have trouble trying to do this without renting a car.

In 2009 our daughter had a goal of climbing a technical route on Whitney and our 15 year old son had a goal of climbing and skiing Mt. Shasta.  We did the Hotlum Bolam route on the north side which is a great ski route, although it turn out to be very long and arduous.  We got up at 2:00 am and after the drive around Shasta were on the trail by 3:30 am.  At 2:00 pm we turned around just short of the summit because of a treacherous glare-ice traverse that we would have had to do – twice.  So we took off our crampons, put on our skis and headed down.  At first it was a scary descent and we did some slide slipping.  But the snow gradually softened as we descended and pretty soon it was a fast and joyous ski.  The very bottom was more like park skiing with bowls and jumps, and even a long gully that resembled a half pipe.

The long climb. Thank goodness for iPods and movie soundtracks
Ney-J on Shasta
Bets and Ney-J, still going...
6,000 vertical feet of skiing
A fly-by later in the summer. That actually is the Hotlum Bolam glacier.

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