Fly-in Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an awesome place to fly into.  Its a spectacular flight, an exciting landing (pointed right into a bluff), and there is Goulding’s resort right there where you can stay, eat and take a tour of the valley.

I did have small problem because I pulled my plane off into the dirt to turn it around and I got it stuck.  Really stuck.  So I left it there for three days while the dirt dried out more (it was a little wet under the dry shell, which was causing the problem).  Then I borrowed a shovel from the hotel and went down and dug ramps in the dirt for the wheels to ride up and out.  That worked and with considerable power I was able to get the plane moving again.

We did a private tour of Mystery Valley (only accessible with a Navajo Guide) and it turned out to well worth it.  The guide was excellent and we were able to scramble up to visit some ruins.  He took us to the “eye” where he played a drum that echoed around the walls.  Very special.

The Eye

Looking at the Eye

Classic Petroglyphs

Classic Grainary Ruins

Classic Monument Valley Sunset (right from Goulding’s)

A classic mistake, getting stuck in soft dirt

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