Backpacking, Marble Mountain Wilderness

Memorial day.  Ski season is over and its time to try to find some snow-free mountains to backpack in.  The Marble Mountains in northern California turned out to be snow-free, barely.  We had to search a bit to find a campsite that was snow free.  But it did work and it was a good trip.

We flew into the Yreka-Montague airport and waited a bit for the Enterprise rental car to be delivered from Yreka.  We really filled up the car with four people, backpacking stuff and a dog.  You would think if we can get it into the plane we could get it into a car, but the plane holds quite a bit more than a standard car and more than a mid-size SUV.  We then drove out through Scott Valley (where there is a small airport, but no rental car or way to get to the trailhead).

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