Canyoneering in Zion – Mystery Canyon

If you have ever done any climbing and are confident in rappelling, canyoneering is really fun and unless you do the real technical stuff, fairly safe.  My friend Graeme and I headed out to Zion to do a long classic – Mystery Canyon.  We had done a couple of easier ones the year before (Keyhole and Pine Creek), and decided to do something a little bigger.

I’ve flown there before, and I used the same routine.  Fly into St. George and rent a car for the drive into Zion.  There we camped at the large campground right inside the park boundary, and since it was midweek we were able to get last minute permits for the canyons.

Typical Rappell
Graeme in slot canyon
Splashdown. Harder than it looks because you have to unhook from the rope

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