First Flight: New Avionics

My first real flight with the new avionics was awesome.  Seemingly right on cue, a spring weather system popped up and thunderstorms randomly appeared and wandered around the California central valley as I flew down for a business meeting out of Van Nuys airport.

The new ADS-B weather system (an Avidyne Skytrax 100) displayed the weather on the IFD540 and made it seem like I was risking my life by threading thunderstorms.



IMG_1662 (Large)
The weather picture out the window was less dire, with any actual thunderstorms easily visible.


IMG_1673 (Large)
At one point some serious weather appeared to my right, heading my way


IMG_1677 (Large)
This is the weather to my right.  The foggy area mid-photo is dust from the wind front.  I’m safe and flying in smooth air, and over there – not safe!

Seeing actual traffic on the screen going into Van Nuys was nice.  I’ve had “some” ADS-B traffic on my iPad for some time, but having alerts and the traffic on a display right in front of you is, for me, much preferred from a heads-down approach of using an iPad for traffic.

Weather on an iPad is fine, as it isn’t something you need to look at and/or track immediately. Having aural alerts and head’s-up, in-your-panel alerts for traffic conflicts I think is far more important.  Either way, the new ADS-B traffic technology should make flying a little safer and I’m enjoying the ride.

2 thoughts on “First Flight: New Avionics

  1. Sarah Crovitz May, 2016 — 3:34 pm

    Love that!!!!! So cool.

  2. I am SF based and do many of the same things you do… mostly via public transportation, but working on pilots license too. (don’t drive cars) Would love to grad a drink, or go on micro adventure, in Bay Area together if you’re up for it. I can meet you wherever, but San Francisco proper is best for me.

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